The squandering, wasting of human capital and talent by not investing in the education, health care, housing and nutrition of all people cannot be calculated. It can be cured.
--Richard Lyons Weil July 21,2018

I am no Roosevelt, Churchill, nor an Eisenhower or a Kennedy. But because of education, training, experience, ethics, morality and empathy, I can share their vision in a 2020 laser like focus.
--Richard Lyons Weil

I long to be President not because I am perfect - but because I am a perfect dreamer. I too have a dream that all humans have an equal opportunity to free education, zero deductible health care, housing, and a guaranteed basic income. These are the roots of a healthy nation, a healthy people. These are the roots for growing a bigot free society, where all have equal opportunity. Freedom to concentrate on the true meaning of happiness because your basic needs will always be met. This is what a government run by the people, for the people should look like. Only then will we all be truly created equal.
--Richard Lyons Weil

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Campaign Highlights

  • Livable

    Minimum Wage

    I propose we reboot America. A solution for the minimum wage controversy, which has raised passions.

  • Health

    Affordable Care

    Put America on par with other civilized countries that provide universal healthcare for everyone equally.

  • Accountability


    Strict adherence to ethics and morality

  • Schooling

    Education For All

    I propose we pay our teachers thousands of dollars in order to attract the teachers money can buy.

  • Guns


    The get out of jail free card, that is our current policy towards gun manufacturers must stop.

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